Heading Level 4

It’s been a crazy-ass two years. It is still hitting me slowly. Last year felt like a dream. This year feels like we woke up and the dream turned out to be a nightmare that we’ll all go through. 

Small businesses like ours saw the biggest sales in their history while some fell apart. I was with the crowd that fell apart. 

oooOO I fall apart…. Like Post Malone, my business fell off. I always had a hard time defining what I do. People say, you make videos on YouTube, you’re a photographer, blogger, clothing designer, n95 seller, gosh you do everything! 

Part of that is true, I do what I know. Since a kid, I was burning CDs for 12$. RIP Limewire, Bearshare. 

Anyway, I want you to know that you can get some help if your business saw a dip during the pandemic. There are terms that apply and I will be receiving compensation. Not as much as you but hey, it’s more about sharing this knowledge to put money in your pockets so you can build back up. You deserve it. Check it out at Womply, they make it easy, they make it fast. Womply.com

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Joseph Mayuyo