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“The fashion industry is going through a time of inflation. It’s not like cash, it’s more like a trilogy that could’ve been a classic had they left it alone. It’s gonna bounce back. Let the fads fall out on their own. Appreciation and paying homage to the brands that bring us nostalgia are the one’s you gotta look out for.”


Lately, I’ve been discouraged to make anything. I got into sublimation and I can see a lot of potential with that style. 

Heat Transfer Vinyl just ain’t banging out the way it used to. Everybody wanna be a brand. But nobody wanna the time to build it. A brand goes through fluctuations, name changes, failed partnerships, and gatekeepers. 

Everything is uncertain now. We got help from the gov, but we don’t’ even know if we want it because it seems like a trap. Why would anyone do that? 

Well, I once heard that if you wanna get away with murder, buy that person a motorcycle. Give them the tools to destroy themselves basically. Keep your hands clean. Press up.