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Amazon Tweaks For That Ass

Alright so look bro, you got to have Prime. I’m just gonna state that here so you don’t go on reading and get your hopes up. If you need prime sign up right here. Amazon Prime has this feature you probably know about. It’s called, “Wardrobe.” It’s a way to buy clothes online without paying for it until you can see it. You get a seven day window from the day it arrives at your location. First tweak, if you running on credit and you need to get a bunch of tees like on the fly. Maybe you don’t drive or something. 

On a good day, around 6pm, you can get a 10 pack of Gildan Ultra Tees for around $26. It fluctuates throughout the day. That’s $2.60 a shirt. It’s not the best but spend money going to to pick up shirts. Not just money but time. This shouldn’t be your primary way of getting shirts but a secondary. Like you need it tomorrow and your supplier closed on weekends type shit.