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Abstract Discovery LLC
2219 Main St. #258 
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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What services do you provide?

Heat To Garment (Custom Apparel) for individuals, brands, businesses, and events such as funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, protests, and more.

What If I Have A Design? Can You Do it? 

As long as you are not using images that do not belong to you, or are not for free for commercial purposes… Go ahead and send us the image and we’ll provide a preview and ask what method (heat transfer, heat pressed, sublimation) you want. 

Where Are You Located?

We’re working with the city to attain a property at the moment. All consults are held digitally. We service areas in the South Bay. We also offer out-of-state orders under certain conditions not mentioned in this faq. 

What Brand T-Shirts Do You Use?

For Sublimation: 32 Degrees 90% Poly or Gildan 100% Poly
Most orders: Gildan Ultra (Silver Tag) 100% Cotton 
Lower Tier: Gildan (Soft-style) 50/50 poly/cotton
Premium by request and deposit: Bella Canvas (varies) 
Mid Tier: Alstyle 1301’s 

Do you only do small orders since you heat press? 

No, depending on the order, I can finish a hundred tees in an hour *using plastisol transfers, vinyl is a longer process* This is a common misconception about the heat press. A lot of people say that screen printing or DTG is the only way to mass-produce. If you want to pay that much, that’s on you. A heat press doesn’t change the science of the work. It’s simply applied differently. In fact, DTG users use a heat press as a finisher to the project. In screen printing, the ink goes directly to the garment. Heat press saves you money by applying those designs onto a transfer paper. I then press the transfer onto the t-shirt and walla. There are so many advantages with the heat press it’s the most universal and practical method of application. 

Do you offer graphic design?

It depends. If there is something very particular that you need, have an expert complete it and I can make the shirt happen. But if you just need overall guidance on design, I got you. 

Can I Bring My Own Shirts For A Discount?

If there is a particular brand that you have access to and prefer, then sure, why not? However, there is no discount. I also request that you send at least 5 extra because mistakes are bound to happen and we should be prepared for that. The shirts will be returned if not used. 

2219 Main St. #258 Santa Monica, CA 90405 (Mail Only) 
Operations are in Hawthorne, CA. By appointment only (virtual for now).

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