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First Class Custom Apparel, so fly.


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Because of the times we live in, I found it to be much more convenient and economical to have a consultation over zoom. This way, you can see my computer screen and see exactly how much your design is going to cost. You’ll be able to pay for the designs to a third party, and even t-shirts! The only thing I charge for is my labor. You purchase all the supplies. Thats what makes us different. You get the most out of your dollar and it’s so transparent, down to the penny. 

-- STEP 2 --

After you’ve paid for the transfers and t-shirts, have the design transfers and shirts sent to my office. I do request that whatever you order in quantity, add +3, this is quality control. 

-- STEP 3 --

The supplies arrive at my office and I’ll contact you. Here, we’ll discuss my hourly rate and day you need the t-shirts ready. Same day service is possible if I have all supplies early. My hourly rate varies on a lot of factors. 

-- STEP 4 --

Inspection. I complete the first t-shirt and consult with you if this is the design you were going for. Then, i’ll finish up the order and drop them off if you’re local. If not, I’ll ship them back to you. 


If you would like to know more about my personal brand, mission statement, basic facts, and philosophy:

Are you trying to start a brand?

So I have different customers. Some customers just want a few custom-made shirts with some heat transfer vinyl written and a message. Then there are those who need shirts for a family reunion or a car club. Then there are the entrepreneurs of the future. I say that because I’ve come across some sharp individuals and they have surpassed my expectations and brought their brand to go commercial. If that is you if you want to learn this business, talk to me. 




Are you a YouTuber or Social Media Influencer that’s looking to get into merch? Are you tired of the fees from the other sites? 


You got ideas, I make them happen

Featured Projects

Some of customers best work 

We think we’re doing alright!

“this is actually perfect because i’m trying to raise funds for my graduation next year, so this will be a HUGE HUGE help”

Mica A.

Bible Student, Church of Christ

“Nevada is ready for you to open up a shop or at least a pop-up event! Thanks for making this merch thing easy for me.”

Jay Balaoro

Social Media Influencer


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